The main goal of the charitable organization "Charitable Fund "Vesna!" is to provide assistance in promoting the legitimate interests of beneficiaries in the field of charity.


- the evolution of the charity culture in Ukraine


- to make donations and social investments a part of everyday life

- to make charity easier for everyone


- increase the quantity and quality of charitable assistance in Ukraine

- gain trust in charity in Ukraine

  • health care;
  • education;
  • ecology, environmental protection and animal protection;
  • prevention of natural and man-made disasters and elimination of their consequences, assistance to victims of catastrophes, armed conflicts and accidents, as well as refugees and persons in difficult life circumstances;
  • guardianship and custody, legal representation and legal assistance;
  • promotion of adoption;
  • social protection, social security, social services and poverty alleviation;
  • culture and art, protection of cultural heritage;
  • science and research, including non-traditional;
  • sports and physical culture;
  • human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • development of territorial communities;
  • development of international cooperation of Ukraine;
  • stimulating economic growth and development of the economy of Ukraine and its individual regions and increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine;
  • promoting the implementation of state, regional, local and international programs aimed at improving the socio-economic situation in Ukraine.
  • social services, counseling, care, refugee assistance and similar services provided to the elderly and disabled at home or elsewhere;
  • activities for social adaptation of children and adolescents;
  • adoption assistance, activities to prevent abuse of children and other persons, control over the procedure of adoption and their upbringing;
  • home budgeting advice, marriage and family advice, credit advice;
  • activities to provide assistance to victims of natural disasters, refugees, immigrants, etc., including providing them with temporary housing;
  • vocational rehabilitation or preparation for a certain type of activity of the unemployed;
  • assistance in receiving social assistance, in paying rent and food; advising on the implementation of targeted programs aimed at social protection of youth, motherhood and childhood, orphans, children from single-parent and disadvantaged families;
  • providing premises for the homeless and other socially vulnerable groups;
  • charitable activities, such as fundraising or other assistance activities related to social services;
  • social protection services, which includes support for people with special needs;
  • social services, assistance to various categories of children, orphanages, boarding schools, the disabled, the elderly, the poor, the military, as well as the satisfaction and protection of the legitimate social, economic, creative, cultural, spiritual and other interests of its members and other persons;
  • daycare for adults with physical or mental disabilities;
  • daycare for children, including children with physical or mental disabilities;
  • assistance to convicts and persons under supervision;
  • activities in work teams and at the place of residence;
  • daycare center services for homeless and other disadvantaged social groups;
  • assistance to legal entities and individuals, including non-profit organizations involved in the implementation of projects and programs related to the goals of the organization;
  • assistance in creating modern standards of charitable organizations in Ukraine, promoting the professionalization of charitable activities;
  • support for environmental initiatives and projects aimed at overcoming environmental problems;
  • assistance in establishing the socio-political life of the population of Ukraine;
  • participation in the development and implementation of local programs to overcome environmental problems;
  • advising on the development of territorial communities and promoting their activities;
  • advising legal entities and individuals in order to carry out charitable activities;
  • informational and social-educational activities aimed at attracting sponsors and patrons to participate in charitable activities;
  • educational activities in the field of charity.


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Our Team

Mykola Pasko - photo

Mykola Pasko, Founder

tel. +38067 232 25 87

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Oleksandra Liashchenko - photo

Oleksandra Liashchenko, project manager

tel. +38068 322 55 33

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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