Bohdan Holova - photo

Publishing a collection of Bohdan Holova poems named "Special Stork". Bogdan is a young man from Korostyshiv city, Zhytomyr region, who communicates with the world through his poems.

Bogdan has a severe form of cerebral palsy and cannot go to school due to illness, he studies at home. He started writing poetry a few years ago.

For him, it is not just a hobby. It is the expression of his perception of the world, people, and events through his poems. Due to health problems it is difficult for him to do it in the usual way. Bohdan has already written more than 100 poems, the guy draws inspiration from everything he sees, with whom he communicates, who surrounds him ...

Each poem is special, with some youthful naivety, its perception, but each is very emotional. Bohdan Holova is a young man who suffers from an illness but is very strong in spirit. This project will not only help the guy to make his dream come true, but will also show other special people that despite the problems and troubles, you should not stop.

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