The international charity project "Baranovsy. Ukraina. Children" is in Kyiv! 

The opening ceremony of the exhibition "Baranovsky. Ukraine. Children" took place on July 22, 2022, at the historic Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv!
This exhibition is the second event of the International Charity Project of Contemporary Ukrainian Art introduced by Andriy Baranovsky and the Charitable Foundation "Inevitable Victory". The first event was held in London on 28 July 2022. Collected funds were donated for the needs of children from Mariupol.

The exhibition "Baranovsky. Ukraine. Children" is held in the historical Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv from July 22 to September 2, 2022, and will end with a charity auction on the last day. All the collected funds will be directed to help Ukrainian children.

The exhibition presents paintings and installations by Andrii Baranovsky, created during the 8 years of war in Ukraine.

The artwork series "Iron Endurance" was painted during the treatment in the hospital after Andrii Baranovsky was wounded while serving in the anti-terrorist operation in 2015. The artwork series "Forks and Spoons" shows the author's vision of the life changeable and the eternal desire of humanity to eat someone else's piece.


In addition to paintings, the exhibition includes two installations. A metal and wood sculpture called "Mirror Blindness" (2019) symbolizes the difficulty of understanding each other. The sculpture "Egg Guardian" is an iron dragon that protects its newborn egg as if it's his only meaning in life. It is made from the burnt metal of a portable anti-aircraft missile complex near Donetsk, which was presented to the artist by his soldier friends in 2021.


The exhibition also presents paintings by talented young colleagues - Ukrainian children who continue their artistic creativity while in Ukraine during the war:

"Children of war, real war, who live under shelling, sirens, play with parental camouflage, and at the age of 5 know all types of weapons - these children paint peace—the sun, flowers, the shining horizon, dad and mom, the sea and the stars. Our little creators bring us beauty, that is not allowing us to relax on the way to victory, on the way to peace." - Yuliya Trifonova, Charity Project Coordinator.

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The exhibition is open until the 2nd of September 2022.
The entrance is free of charge. 
Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv
Blvd. T. Shevchenko/Str. Pushkinska, 5-7/29
Partners of the event
Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv, European Business Association, Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, Forum, Charitable Foundation "Vesna!", UGC, Medical Laboratory LLC, Creative Kitchen Art Studio, RA Gallery.
Information support - ICTV and Espresso.TV

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